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The difference between how dogs and cats think. So true

So adorably true! The mentality of cats vs. dogs in relation to God hahaha
LOLcats is the best place to find and submit funny cat memes and other silly cat materials to share with the world. We fin...

Things are not the same anymore …

Funny pictures about Time We Get You Your Own Bed. Oh, and cool pics about Time We Get You Your Own Bed. Also, Time We Get You Your Own Bed photos.
Only Great Dane owners would understand the feel...

Peeping tom cat?

everytime i take a shower - she waits for me near by - Cat memes - kitty cat humor funny joke gato chat captions feline laugh photo
Top 14 Most Funny Pictures About Cat Cute Animal Kitten & Dog...

Lazy Max

lazy dog, golden retriever
Ahhhh yes. the perfect head rest. My Golden, Noah, used to do just this - and looked just like this!
Ahhhh yes. the perfect head rest. The rides are one of the beat th...

Annoying Friend

We all have that one friend - Funny Animal Photo
Share silly cate pictures with your friends through this website that also offers funny dog photos with captions.
I'm pretty sure that dog has bi...

Coming to say hello to you !

Help me! My cat head is stuck in this blind!
This is why I had to pay for blind replacement in my old apartment
Does this blind make me look fat?
Yep, deconstructing the house, one blind at a...

It's about time for them to come home.

Funny pictures about Waiting for our master. Oh, and cool pics about Waiting for our master. Also, Waiting for our master photos.
One Of The Oldest Human Needs Is Having Someone Wonder Where You Ar...

Happy Father's Day!

Golden retrievers playing golf are the best kind of golden retrievers.
Happy Father Day!
Anyone for around of golf.

I just LOVE my ball!!!

When our CUTE PUPPIES start acting weird; know the many signs & symptoms of dog epilepsy & dog seizures.
In case of stress - pet the dog!
It absolutely works. You are simply unable to st...

Boop! Love

Reminds me of an old Disney movie title The Ugly Dachshund about a Great Dane who thought he was a dachshund.
another pinner said:Reminds me of an old Disney movie title The Ugly Dachshound starrin...

If it fits, i sits. A cat is still a cat, no matter the size.

If it fits - I sits. lol-Cats and Boxes. Even the big ones love the cardboard boxes.
If I fits, I sits. The universal appeal of cardboard boxes.why this works on all cats baffles me since there are...

Dog Tired

Just another day on the boat.
I'll just rest right here.
someone is a little sleepy :

Great Dane Wants To Play. That's a basketball in his mouth!

Great Dane Wants To Play. Yeah, this is pretty much why I don't have any basketballs at my house. Great Danes are cute though. Basketball is actual size!
You know your dog is too big when it can pu...

Valentines dog from Paris apartment

from the heart dog heart
heart dog, I luv you too
Awwww looks just like Deuce when he was a pup.
look at that dane pup

Snuggle Time!

aplacetolovedogs: Labradors Snuggling Adorable Labradors snuggle Even though there seems to be plenty of room on the couch, these two View Post pictures about When there no room. Oh, and cool pics abo...

Dog Costume - Martini Drink Cone Of Shame Dogtini

How's this for a bit of creativity. transform that dog cone into a martini! I'll have mine shaken, not stirred.
Dog cone of shame costume. View some dog owners who went above and beyond with the co...

Spirit fingers …

Funny pictures about Spirit fingers. Oh, and cool pics about Spirit fingers. Also, Spirit fingers.
funny dog pictures with captions jazz hands.shouldn't that be JAZZ PAWS.
Dance and sing along w...

Next stop, your bed!

Mud season my conjure up images of muddy messes but there are so many good things about mud season in Steamboat. Here is a guide to the good things that mud season in Steamboat Springs has to offer.

I get to run around the yard and sniff things and poop wherever I want and you have to poop in a box!

Funny picture of a dog laughing out loud. The kitty is having a look at the dog which shows a lot of hostility
Dog dissing on cat poop humor.
Who says dogs and cats can't get along? little human...

Leonardo has a new hobby: fish watching!

Leonardo has a new hobby, fish watching! Looks like my Clyde!
Funny Dog Watching Fish Tank Joke Picture - It's his favorite show. he watches it for hours
Funny pictures about His Favorite Show. ...