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We had to take his seat out of our van so we could fit a dresser in the back. He has been sitting like this, waiting to go for a ride for th...

I can't help but laugh and feel sorry for him at the same time. This is SO my Trio, poor thing will sit in the car for hours wanting a ride.
They needed room to carry something And since this is th...

I thought it was easier …

Yeah, I didn't know I could knit, either. Funny thing is, this is about how it looks when I've tried to knit.
My worst knitting nightmare. I'd have a fit if my kit cats did this to my knitting! yar...

NUTMEG THE CAT, 31-YEARS OLD CAT. The World Oldest Living cat.

funny caption cat facing box i am currently not speaking to you
Cat in the box shunning you. This is so true. Or the box could be the box of shame and the cat is on timeout
Cats and kittens are ...

Did You Guys See The Cat Run Past Here?

Funny pictures about Cue Mission Impossible Song. lol I can imagine the cat dropping on to the dog and possibly scaring the heck out of both of them.
Pictures Of Cats That Are Secret Ninjas. Cats ...

MA, The Meatloaf!

LOL I love that will ferrell movie quote.meatloaf I never know what she is doing!
Seriously everytime i make meatloaf my husband says this. I can't stop laughing MA THE MEATLOAF!
Cats and Meatlo...

A tiny force to be reckoned with.

yoda dog,dog,animals,star wars,pooped in your shoes
Pooped In Your Shoes Funny Image from evilmilk. Pooped In Your Shoes was added to the pictures archive on
Yoda dog reminds me of Melissa's rab...

Dog And Kid In Trouble. It's your fault we're in trouble!

I don't know what this terrible twosome did but the duo timeout looks real cute. How often do you see a baby and a dog on a timeout toge.
German Shepard and baby in time out
Haha this is going t...